If you haven’t already, get your backyard spaces ready for the summer so you can enjoy the warm, sunny weather to the fullest. Taking a plunge in the pool is one of the finest ways to beat the summer heat while getting lots of exercise. If you have a pool, it is crucial that pool safety be considered when preparing your backyard. Many people frequently consider the pool itself when it comes to potential dangers when it comes to safety. However, one of the main reasons for pool-related injuries has historically been a slippery pool surface. Fortunately, 9Yard Concrete Contractors has a remedy that can lessen the likelihood of slip and fall incidents.

With the help of concrete pool deck coatings from 9Yard Concrete Contractors, you can not only improve the appearance of your pool but also lower the risk of accidents and injuries by adding a textured, slip-resistant coating.

The Advantages of Coating a Concrete Pool Deck

You should think about using a professional pool deck coating whether you are building a pool into your house or already have one. Pool owners may achieve the look they want as well as the security and durability required for a safe swimming area with a concrete pool deck coating. No need to worry if your pool deck is made of concrete already; our pool deck coatings may be applied to both new and old pool decks, regardless of their state. Let’s examine some of the advantages of covering a concrete pool deck in more detail.

Slip-Resistant Surface

This is, of course, the most crucial factor and the reason that is most clear. As swimmers splash water out of the pool or carry water with them as they leave the pool, pool decks soon become saturated. A wet surface poses a safety risk because slipping close to the pool exposes one to the risk of falling into the water and maybe injuring their head as well as the danger of landing on a hard concrete surface. A non-slip epoxy pool deck coating can help in this situation. These coatings can be put between four and five layers of protection, keeping your deck space looking wonderful while also offering a non-slip surface that most typical pool decks cannot provide, in place of having ordinary, slippery concrete. While these coatings won’t completely stop slip and fall incidents, they will aid in preventing many around the pool that could be fatal.

Easier on the Feet

The fact that so many people wear shoes when they are on concrete is because it is painful to walk on. Concrete can be particularly hard to walk on barefoot due to the rough surface and its capacity to quickly absorb the sun’s rays, which makes it a hassle while entering your pool. Making the surrounding surface softer is the best option because we don’t want to wear shoes while swimming, and we can simply do this with our pool deck coatings. Our epoxy coatings provide a smooth, non-slip surface that is comfortable for barefoot use.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Let’s face it, a concrete pool deck isn’t the prettiest part of your yard and can even be considered ugly. Pool owners, however, have what seems like an infinite number of options when it comes to the style, color, and design of the surface surrounding their pool thanks to epoxy concrete deck coatings. If there isn’t a style or color that would work with your property, bespoke colors can frequently be developed.


The 9Yard Concrete Contractors’ concrete pool coatings are very long-lasting. Our coatings are used in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications, including garages, schools, and industrial structures, in addition to pool decks. These coatings are incredibly durable for the area around your pool because they are made to withstand high traffic areas. Additionally, you can relax knowing that the coating around your pool can resist the conditions without cracking when the chilly winter temperatures arrive. You may rest easy knowing the coatings will last for many years because they are also chemical and abrasion resistant.

Cost Effective

You might have thought about having your pool deck completely redone if it’s looking gloomy. However, it will usually cost between one-third and half as much to coat your pool deck as it will to have it completely redone. One of the best investments you can make for your pool and outdoor space is installing an epoxy concrete pool deck rather than renovating the area since not only will you save money that way, but you’ll also be vulnerable to saving money due to lower medical bills for injuries sustained in the pool.